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Sunday, May 22, 2016

How to choose gold earrings?

How to choose gold earrings?

Gold earrings can be divided into two categories: traditional and contemporary categories. Traditional type usually made of gold and jade as gold ear rings, ear rings, silver, pearl earrings, earrings like that etc … are usually simple shape, elegant classic, pragmatic emitters suitable for women older or older.

How to choose gold earrings?
How to choose gold earrings?

Modern earrings shaped not simply round shape, heart shape anymore but rather a variety of shapes, from up-and-coming small to very large medium, with half the face! In color, the development trend from red, yellow, blue to intermediate colors, complementary colors and color complex. The shape of the modern earring is multifaceted, constantly changing from simple to complex, traditional to contemporary.

  1. How to wear gold earrings
Discover how to choose the appropriate jewelry will make more beautiful face, the opposite would reduce their own beauty. With a man no matter how aesthetic capacity when wearing flowers right hand according faces, skin, hair, costumes … and how to buy the appropriate wear.
If you have a round face, wearing earrings should not be circular, as this will complete the faces of friends. What you so well is unsuitable for high-collar types and things like eyeglasses rounded circular. The big round earrings, big as wrong. Such men should use string earrings (multi-threaded particles include various types), style sheets flowed like the flowers drooped will develop a round face as long a harmonious, endearing. In the event the dotted earrings with gemstones such as sparkling beads increases, the more gynic.

gold earrings
gold earrings

  1. After selecting the matching earrings men’s face and hairstyle, should they also pay attention to colors
Melon face lacks feeling lack rolls, hardly cause sharp impression. When choosing jewelry and earrings should be selected to be circular, and ovarian style earrings, to alleviate the feeling sharp in the chin, good coordination with the jewelry at the neck might have been as effective as standard, regardless look.

Triangular face is somewhat narrow forehead, a square chin up again, so you could do with hairstyles to cover both sides, plus the utilization of small earrings beautiful round against the earlobe. Such preparation makes better-looking confront.

The face is the favorite choices word filled earrings rounded, curved, filled letters often face tough feeling, if you have more loose hairstyle beautiful meandering, they may small things you do more distortion plus style earrings pressed or swinging will make less rigid, curved softer.

Coordinating earrings shaped like the face, even the hue of earrings is in harmony with the skin color so effectively to achieve mutual respect stand. Along with dark skin have a somewhat light-colored earrings, pale, pale light colored earrings will reveal its appeal to the dark background; Light skinned people should wear light, dark earrings, earrings would certainly mixed in a light skin color and so would lose its meaning jewelry. Yellow skin using rose-pink earrings to respect each other well; white leather earrings, olive or blue, black leather earrings little gold and metallic.

Earrings need to take harmony with the dress. If the color is too bright costume jewelry, the effectiveness of the earrings is sort of diminished. So when choosing earrings to elegant attire background, beams, especially stuff. Earrings with gems, generally not suitable for sportswear, advocacy.
Generally, earrings incompatible with wearing sunglasses. If you should wear glasses to consider the type of material matching earrings eyeglasses. For example, have used gold-rimmed glasses, gold K, the gold earrings should not anymore; the glasses are transparent organic crystal earrings, leading is the type of high transparency; if glasses are used purple brown agate earrings, ivory or other natural materials.


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